The Pencil Sketching Guide Today

The Basics of Pencil Drawing 


If you happen to be looking for a pencil drawing tutorial, it means that you already understood the basics of it. Before the color drawing is done, the pencil sets its basis. You can't come up with a high quality color drawing without any basis. If you haven't started with practicing on your drawing book, you can follow these steps to refine the project. You can create great pencil sketches through this. The following are tips that would be of help. First off, it is required that you focus only on the most salient aspects of the said project. After a few couple of days this would become a habit of yours and you can easily identify the areas to stress. Highlights are those reflections of light and you have to understand more about these. You would have to practice on how to make black and white highlights and understand more about the challenges of this particular application.



Do you want to know how to draw a realistic face? You can have this one other suggestion. If you are currently working in black and white, you need not just blur out the rest. Exert the conscious effort when you are doing the details. The design details are hard and it could be the greatest challenge you should face. It can cost you a lot of time to draw, but it also helps you to be more accurate in your arguments.



You can consider an artist as someone who is observant. When you are now confident with all your pencil sketches, you may begin learning the means to draw with pencils. All these may be considered as the natural progression in your entire learning journey. The experience of working with color pencils is no different from working with the use of pencils. You can apply all the techniques that you use with pencils through color pencils. The greatest difference is that you can use more colors and not only black and white, making it more interesting. You can find artists who can be an expert in how to sketch a face and who simply work in black and white. When it's left in the hands of a skilled artist, it's such a beauty to see pencil sketches done in black and white.


If you're a working artist, you can use the pencils first before you use water color and others. It's crucial that you open yourself to different media and dyes. You can always choose and decide to stick to your preferred media later on. As of now, you can get on using the crayons. You can choose from the many color pencils available that are great for pencil drawing. What could be the main difference in the different brands available is the amount of wax that you can find in pencils. Will there be any difference when it comes to the outcome? To gain further ideas, do check out